Sunday, March 20, 2011

Praise God!

We got 1st place for the Flame Challenge! It was unbelievable, i still could not believe it. Johanan and I were in a team. We got to cook chicken and we came out with something new called "The Char-Siew Chicken with Limchi sauce". Limchi sauce is a combination between lemon and chillies. We even had avocado to use. At first blur, but then idea's came. Praise God! We WON!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Action Packed Weekend!

Every weekend there is something great happening here on Volgo, maybe its just especially for me.
This Saturday, we are having Arise and Build program called Flame Challenge.
We are gonna COOK!!!!!!!!
Love the way this competition is gonna be.
And on Sunday another project called Davai Shaurster is gonna be launched. We are selling Saurma and Twister together with a fusion called Shaurster!
Hope so next Sunday I can have a typical students Sunday...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Prioritize! This is what i have to learn more on.
Its not easy to say NO! But by saying YES all the time, people tend to use you, then misuse you, abuse you and at last back stab you!
Life is good when others get everything from you, but life is BAD when you dry yourself up and just dont get anything out of it!
Thanks a lot BOSS for re-opening my eyes. Appreciate it very much!
Now Seeni, listen to them and walk in the right path.
Dont burn yourself out!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back again...

The day started with pure boredom and fear. Its was Russian class to begin with. 4 hours continuous class.
After that it is the killer subject for me. BIOCHEMISTRY!
Dont know much about the subject, cause I really dont like the subject.
Slept for 4 hours earlier at night, then continuously studied from 12.30am to 7am!
Wow, it paid off tough. Now feeling relived.

Its been very long....

Life and times of Seeni had changed a lot...
Once a free bird, now a busy student...
Sometimes wish to be back the old Seeni that I used to be, but its impossible!
Lots of new things! But God, you have been faithful!
Wants to be back on track with you, as I was before...
Hope that all these changes are for good!